No success with persistAll in CommandHandler

In my application a couple of commands naturally gives rise to two instead of just one domain event.
Therefore instead of the normal

return ctx.thenPersist(be,
                            // Then once the event is successfully persisted, we respond with done.
                            evt -> ctx.reply(Done.getInstance())

I tried this:

return ctx.thenPersistAll(Arrays.asList(de, be));

Now two things happen:

  1. The events get persisted and my eventhandlers get invoked just fine.
  2. After 5 seconds I get an AskTimeoutException

I can’t get my head around this. As a workaround, I packed all the information into one single event so I get the (seemingly) most common style and everything works perfectly.

I don’t have the stacktrace right now but I figured this might be enough info for a real expert.
The call that I believe is subject to the AskTimeout originates from an event subscriber with atMostOnce semantics: (I’m not an expert on Lagom, bare with me on this one. But at least it gets the job done.)

    private  CompletionStage processEvent2(CreditApplicationEvent evt) {
        CompletableFuture rv = CompletableFuture.supplyAsync(new Supplier<CreditApplicationEvent>() {

            public CreditApplicationEvent get() {
                String halt = "";
                if (evt instanceof AccountsDataNeededEvent) {
                    AccountsDataNeededEvent at = (AccountsDataNeededEvent) evt;
                    LOGGER.debug(String.format("Requesting accounts data for %s", evt.UUIDString()));
                    accountsService.evaluate(, at.govId).invoke()
                            .thenApply(ar -> {

                                    LOGGER.debug(String.format("Feeding accountsdata for %s", evt.UUIDString()));
                                    return creditApplicationService.accountsData()
                                            .invoke(new AccountsResponseWithUUID(ar, at.uuid)).toCompletableFuture();


                return evt;

        return rv;

So my question is basically: How should I code to be able to use multiple domain events. It’s going to be a real pain not having this feature at hand.

I solved this after reading

It was dead simple, but if you’re new to this it’s easy to get confused by the asymmetry between the case of one vs multiple events.

Correct code:

    return ctx.thenPersistAll(Arrays.asList(de, be),
         () -> ctx.reply(Done.getInstance()));