Online Auction (archived) example

Hi there,

Just wondering why the online-auction example from Lagom is archived now?

I find it as a really concrete example of using such a framework, does it deserve to be archived?

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Hi @peltho,

we archived the online auction samples because, despite being a close-to-real-world examples they were also hard to maintain and hard to grasp for people learning Lagom. In certain parts the logic of the auction domain was getting on the way of the purpose of the sample application: teach how the framework is meant to be used.

Instead, we moved to more lean/targeted set of samples and archived the online auction ones.

Of course, you are free to fork and improve the online-auction repos and even PR a link from the archived repos under the lagom org in GitHub to your forks (I’d unarchive the online acution repo to accept such a PR guiding people to a more up to date version).

Thanks for your feedback!

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