onSignal not invoked

I have a parent actor which has death watch set on its children. There are 2 children of interest(apart from several others too). When a child of interest is stopped, and parent receives death message, I stop the parent too, and I have implemented onSignal for parent wherein I handle PostStop.
Also, I have made sure that both children die(Behavior.stopped)
So I expect two death messages, and a PostStop signal for parent.
But logs tell me that there is a single death message, and PostStop is not even signalled. PostStop for all children are as expected though.

Only one death message is received because parent dies before it is received. I ensured that parent dies only when second death message is received. So that issue is solved.

But I still don’t receive PostStop for parent.

Is it a different issue than the one discussed in Code samples in akka documentation not working as expected where you noticed the user guardian didn’t get a PostStop signal?

The user guardian PostStop issue has been fixed and will be in the next Akka release (2.6.4)

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You are right. Its same issue.
Would update the version when available.