OpenID Connect with akka-http

Has anybody tried to use OpenID Connect with akka-http? Spring and Play users seem to be happy campers, but for raw akka, web searches don’t seem to bring up much…

As far as I can see, the only builtin support is OAuth2 header extraction. I have found (but not yet looked into) examples using keycloak:

…but to my understanding keycloak-core won’t work for identity providers other than keycloak itself.

Other than that, I have only found a dated PoC for OpenID (minus Connect) based on nimbus:

Any suggestion how to tackle this? What libraries could be used as a basis? pac4j, nimbus,…? Or could it even be possible to repurpose Spring/Play stuff for akka-http?

As is probably obvious already, I’m pretty new to the auth field, which makes me even more inclined to avoid low level protocol (re-)implementation than I’d usually be…

Thanks and best regards,