Parallel Rendering In Java(Play Framework)

I am creating a website in which data is retrieved from different storage/service and that is then displayed on the web-page. It takes some input in a form then from those values as parameters, data is retrieved. Everything is on the server side. Also,I am working on play framework (java).

For now i am using CompletableFuture to do parallel and async calls and then collecting the data and rendering it all at once on the page.

But I want to do parallel rendering i.e. i don’t want to wait for every call to complete and then display all the data, I want that as and when the data is available it should be displayed on the page. I thought of AJAX but it is client side script. And my whole of code is for server side.

Any ideas on how can i achieve parallel rendering with play framework?

I think that what you want is similar to BigPipe. See these plugins:



I’m also interested to this argument.
Both are interesting projects, but the last ping-play update was four years ago and the other one is only for scala user I think.

Are there other solutions?