Pass command line arguments to sbt run with ensime.sbt


I’d like to pass command line arguments to sbt run by default using the ensime short cuts.

My goal is to press C-c C-b r and run the play framework with the following options by default: -Dconfig.resource=development.conf

I am guessing this can be set on the ensime.sbt but, I am not sure how exactly to do that.

An alternative solution would be to add a lisp hook to ensime.

Please advise,


After trying the following:
PlayKeys.devSettings := Seq(“play.server.config.resource” -> “development.conf”)

and being unsuccessful, I realized it might be impossible unless I knew how to overwrite run and add logic to restart it with the options I wanted if they did not exist initially. Since this seem to be over kill for this task.
I tried the ensime approach in the documentation:
(sbt-hydra:system-properties . (
(“macwire” . ("-Dconf.file=myconf.conf" “-Xmx1G”))
(“reader” . ("-Dconf.file=myconf.conf" “-Xmx1G”))))))

Unfortunately this didn’t work either. It gave me an error that was tied to an unrelated windows bug where I ultimately found a solution:
(setq sbt:program-options '("-Dconfig.resource=development.conf"))

This may also be an alternative solution:
export SBT_OPTS=-Dconfig.resource=development.conf