Performance benefits of using Lagom over Play framework (Lagon v/s Play performance comparison)

Has any one experimented or noticed any performance improvement by using Lagom in place of Play framework?
Want to know any performance figures achieved by Lagom v/s Play comparison.

Hi @navneetrai_26,

Lagom is Play. It’s built on top of Play.

So the question is not much about the performance difference between the two, but for what you need it.

If you are building a single application that needs to be exposed as a REST service, Play is your best choice.

Lagom is a Microservice framework built on top of Play. It promotes RPC style communication between microservice and event sourcing. You should choose Lagom if you want to build a Microservice system.

You can also build a Microservice system using Play of course, but it will require you more work to put everything together. Lagom gives you the ground that you need to build Microservices.

Lagom is much more opinionated. Play, over the years, has evolved further away from being opinionated, instead moving features out into separate libraries. Play 3 will be even more general given it’ll make it easier to opt-out of things like server-side templates and opt-in to things like different JSON libraries, etc. I think this evolution from a framework to a set of interconnected libraries is awesome, and really what allows something like Lagom to exist as an extension of Play.