Persisting list of events conditionally

Suppose you come up with a list of events to persist based on certain condition which then you have to persist at some later point in time.

var value = value1
var eventsToPersist = Nil

if condition1:
   value = value2
   eventsToPersist = Seq(UpdateLeaves, SomethingElse1)
if condition 2: 
   value = value3
   eventsToPersist = Seq(CancelLeaves, SomethingElse2)

    ctx.thenPersistAll(eventsToPersist, EmployeeRelease)

ctx.thenPersistAll doesn’t seem to accept a list of events instead it expects Events. How am I suppose to achieve refactoring such a use case? All I do is end up repeating myself. Please help.

I think the snippet speak for itself. Let me know if I need to elaborate more. But basically, I believe the framework should allow me to collect events as a list before persisting them all together.