Play 1.5.3 and 1.4.6 available for download?


a couple of weeks ago 1.5.3 as well as 1.4.6 were released according to the Github releases page.
Unfortunately I still cannot find both releases via

Any chance getting both releases pushed to the S3 bucket and placing a download link?

Thanks in advance

Hey @c15ff6d7f1289eca2d8b9e234178dc,

Usually what happens is that some Play1 maintainer gets in contact and share the release zip with us so that we can upload it to S3, since we are not involved with Play1 in any way besides that. This didn’t happen so far, so we don’t have a zip file to upload. The better option here then is to contact someone from Play1 team and let them know about it or ask if the release was published somewhere else.


In the meantime the source code link at the bottom of the 1.5.3 GitHub page might provide what you need

Thank you. Then I will get in contact directly with one of the devs there.

@c15ff6d7f1289eca2d8b9e234178dc the releases are there now. :slight_smile:

Thanks, saw it right now.
Was in contact with Alexandre to get it done :)

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