Play 2.5 Timeout exception

Dear Team,

Recently i am updating existing play version to play 2.5 and find out that my application is not working on multiple/parallel API call with completion stage.

Is there any bug in play 2.5?

Please help me on this.

Hey @ymkct20,

Could you please give us more details? Are the APIs calls using play-ws? What is the stack trace? Can you share the code that is causing the problem?


yes API calls using play-ws WSClient. Do you want complete source code ?

One thing i want to add when i am getting comletablfuture using get () then i am not getting exception. so i just to want to know is any problem in play2.5 with parallel API call.

CompletableFuture futurePromise = wsResponsePromise.toCompletableFuture();

when i am using get then i am not getting timeout execption but that is wrong.


Any suggestion for this issue?

Hi @ymkct20,

It would be better if you can share the code for this specific action/method.

By get you mean futurePromise.get()? If so, try to avoid this as get is blocking. But, as I said, it would be better to share the complete code for the action/method.