Play 2.6.12: play.editor setting is ignored


(Nemoo) #1


I tried to enable the displaying of a link to Intellij within the play error page.

According to the documentation this is done by adding


to application.conf

In my Scala play 2.6.12 application I did just that, but the error page is still displayed without a clickable link to the relevant file and position in IntelliJ. Anybody else experiencing this?


(Schmitt Christian) #2

Maybe this does not work in Dev Mode.

Try to set PLAY_EDITOR environment Variable or edit your build.sbt to include the following:

fork := true // required for "sbt run" to pick up javaOptions

javaOptions += "-Dplay.editor=http://localhost:63342/api/file/?file=%s&line=%s"

(Nemoo) #3

Maybe this does not work in Dev Mode.

If it doesn’t work for anybody in dev mode I will definitely raise an issue on Github.

Ok, the problem apparently does occur on one instance of Chrome and not on another instance.

(Nemoo) #4

Ok it works (it displays a clickable link that opens the file in IntelliJ) if I am using the play-framework-tools chrome extension.

The documentation would suggest that it should work without having to install a chrome extension, no?

(Nemoo) #5

I have created an issue so that this can be tracked properly.

(Rich Dougherty) #6

Here’s a way to set configuration in dev mode:

PlayKeys.devSettings := Seq("play.editor" -> "http://localhost:63342/api/file/?file=%s&line=%s")