[Play 2.6 Java] Display images in template

A stupid question, I’ve to display images in a template using standard tag img. These images are a lot and I cannot put in public/images before create the zip file for production using dist command.

After unzipped the zip file and created the folder public/images, I’m unable to see these images in the browser because the <img src="@routes.Assets.versioned(“public/images/image.jpg”)"> doesn’t show anything.

What I’ve to use in the template to show the images not added to classpath by dist command?

No one know how to do that?

Can you paste your routes file here?

GET     /                           controllers.HomeController.index
+ nocsrf
POST    /searchByKey                 controllers.HomeController.searchByKey
+ nocsrf
POST    /searchByCategory            controllers.HomeController.searchByCategory
+ nocsrf
POST    /getMethodDetails           controllers.HomeController.getMethodDetails
+ nocsrf
GET    /downloadSiteFile            controllers.HomeController.downloadSiteFile(uniprot_id)
+ nocsrf
GET    /imageAt                     controllers.HomeController.imageAt(img_name)
+ nocsrf
POST    /getPDB                     controllers.HomeController.getPDB
# Map static resources from the /public folder to the /assets URL path
GET     /assets/*file               controllers.Assets.versioned(path="/public", file: Asset)

Shouldnt you be using

<img src="@routes.Assets.versioned(“assets/images/image.jpg”)">

We used that form, but nothing is displayed.