[Play 2.6 Java] Twirl template escape dot

Hi I am new to Play 2

I am trying to generate the following image url

<img src='private/gallery/@{photos.head.publicId}.jpg' style='width: 90px'/>

I want a dot “.” after the @ dynamic statement and before ‘jpg’

However, the Twirl template automatically assume that the dot/period is part of the dynamic statement.

How can I escape the dot? I tried looking around but couldn’t find it in the documentation.



I have actually found a work around regarding creating a dot after a dynamic statement, by including the dot as part of the dynamic statement.

<img src='private/gallery/@{photos.head.publicId + ".jpg"}' style='width: 90px'/>

This solves my problem, but a way to escape a dot as part of the dynamic statement is still welcome.