[Play 2.6 Java] What is the recommended way of adding my own Filters?

What I’m trying to do is disable all of Play’s default filters and add my own, and I see 2 ways of configuring this.

  1. Disable all of Play’s internal filters with play.filters.enabled = [], and then add my own play.http.HttpFilters implementation with play.http.filters = "com.example.MyFilters" and include com.example.MyFilter inside com.example.MyFilters. This is what this page recommends.
  2. Use play.filters.enabled = ["com.example.MyFilter"] without using play.http.HttpFilters. This is what this page recommends.

They both work. What I’m asking is which is the “definitive” recommended way of doing this.

To my understanding when you extend DefaultHttpFilters you are overwriting the defaults. In fact if you want the default filters you have to add them individually.

play.filters.enabled = []
I am sure is for the developer who doesn’t want any filters at all.

There is a subtle difference between the 2.

You are right about that. I edited my comment.