Play 2.7.0 is here!

The Play Team is proud to announce the release of Play 2.7.0. This release adds many new features and continues our efforts to make Play more modular, flexible, and secure. Play 2.7.0 is the result of more than 1 year of relentless work from our fantastic community comprehending more than 720 changes made from almost 150 contributors.

See details on our blog here:



I can’t find the page anymore, so I’ll just ask here:

Where can I find details on the minimal version of the framework?

By this I mean: I recall there being a version of the SBT plugin where you can get the server and routes plugin separately, without the twirl and all the frontend stuff, basically.

Which enables developing projects purely as a web backend with no frontend.

I forget what it’s called, sorry for being vague.

Apart from that: how’s the gradle support? Is it like, 100% even with sbt or are some things missing?

Are you talking about the PlayMinimal plugin?

or the PlayService plugin?

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It is not 100% even with sbt, as far as I can tell. For example, it may be a little convoluted to configure your application to use the default maven directory layout. Other advanced scenarios may not be well covered as well. Keep in mind we don’t maintain the Gradle support.


That’s probably it, thanks.