Play 2.7.3 + Slick 3.3: evolutions not executed?

Since I updated my play 2.7 application to slick 3.3 and scala 2.13 it does not execute the evolutions at startup.

I think that is problem because in the logs I get this error: Table “PROJECT” not found; SQL statement:
select “ID”, “NAME” from “PROJECT” [42102-192].

This is build.sbt: my

This is my application.conf:

Any ideas why the evolutions are not executed?

Your you convenience, here the relevant parts of my application.conf:


It is interesting that this error occurs only after changing upgrading versions of some libraries (including slick) and scala as can be seen in this diff:

In the play27 branch the error mentioned above does not occur, in the scala2.13 branch the error occors.

I asked the same question some weeks ago and never got any reply. I think they’ve abandoned or don’t care about database users using migrations.

@GBeushausen good to know! Then it is even more obvious that it is a real bug and not a configuration error.
I have created this issue on the slick repo: Could you add your finding to the issue if it is related? That way we could maybe narrow down the problem and get more attention.

For the record, a workaround was posted on the GitHub issue:

@GBeushausen, we do care. I hope you understand that there many other issues requiring our attention and sometimes we miss something.

We also have many channels: Gitter, Discuss and GitHub. If you search for it, you will find that there was an issue in GitHub followed by a PR to make it easier to work around it.

And again another discussion here with a long explanation about why this is happening.

Different people looked at it at different moments, in their free time, to try to help. Unfortunately, that didn’t help you in time.



@renato: Thanks for your help. Now it works. It’s just so frustrating that with every single update of the framework your code doesn’t work anymore.