Play 2.8.0 Released!

The Play Team is proud to announce the release of Play 2.8.0. This release adds many new features and continues our efforts to make Play more modular, flexible, and secure. Play 2.8.0 is the result of more than 10 months of relentless work from our fantastic community, comprehending more than a thousand changes made from 80 contributors.

As this is a GA release, you can see all the details in our blog:

All other repositories are now prepared for this release. The seeds are already using it by default, the default branch for our samples is now 2.8.x and so on.

To all contributors, thank you so much for all the help!


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Congratulations on the new release!

I have a question about the Java 11 support mentioned in the release notes on the blog:

Java 11 Play 2.8.0 is the first version were we officially support Java 11. Play, its standalone modules, samples and seeds are all tested against AdoptOpenJDK 8 & 11. We continue to support Java 8 as the default version.

Yet, the scala jdk compatibility page still states that it recommends Java 8 to compile Scala:

So in that context, what does it mean that Play “supports” Java 11?

Thanks for your wonderful work :champagne: :champagne:

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Hey @nemoo,

It means we expect Play applications to run in Java 11 just like they do for Java 8. But yeah, the Scala recommendation still applies.