Play 2.8.13 released!

The Play Team is happy to announce the release of Play 2.8.13.

For a full list of all issues and PRs included in this release, please consult the GitHub release page.

Because immediately after tagging Play 2.8.12 we received a bug report that required an urgent fix we skipped the 2.8.12 release. You can jump from 2.8.11 directly to 2.8.13.

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:bow: Thanks to our contributors

Finally, thanks to the community for their help with detailed bug reports, discussion about new features, and pull requests review. Play is only possible due to the help we had from amazing contributors.
Special thanks to all code contributors who helped with this particular release (they are listed on the GitHub release page)!


Thanks for your work!!!

After the update, I receive the message that Play is working only with Java 8 or 11. But I’m using Java 15 and all seems to work well.

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I’m using Play with Java 17. I just had to switch to the latest Guice to do so:
libraryDependencies += guice
libraryDependencies += “” % “guice” % “5.0.1” // bumping the Guice version manually allows for using Play 2.8 with Java 17

It could be possible that your Play apps runs on new Java versions, however we only run tests on Java 8 and 11. Just be aware that when using newer Java versions and problems occur it could happen that you have to downgrade your codebase to Java 11.
So I recommend to stay on Java 11 for now which is safer.
Play 2.9 will come with Java 17 support.

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Thank you so much to sharing this post.