Play and Java compatibility

We are currently on Play 2.3.8 and Java 8. We are looking to upgrade to Java 11 and figuring out which version of play to upgrade to. For us, the upgrade from play 2.5 onward is major rewrite as lot of Java 8 features are adapted and equivalent play APIs are deprecated.
Most of the versions of play 2.4 onward mentions Java SE 1.8 or higher in the play documentation. However the below blogs mention that 2.7 is tested with Java 9 and 10; and 2.8 is the first version which officially support Java 11

So need some clarity. Does this mean that play 2.4 through 2.7 may be compatible with Java 11 but there could be run time issues and no support would be provided? Is it advisable to go with play 2.8(and not lower versions of play) in that case, if we are looking at Java 11?

Please help clarify…



Also yes.

Given the timeline when Play 2.7 was developed it was never tested with JDK 11. Will it work (considering play 2.7 was tested with JDK9 and 10)? Probably yes. Should you consider the upgrade complete once you reach Play 2.7? I’d recommend you pushed a bit further and settle on 2.8.