Play app with Maven project layout doesn't compile for Gradle plugin

I’m creating Scala Play app with Gradle (gradle version 2.6.21, gradle 5.2, scala 2.12).
I’d like to use Maven project layout:

└ main
   └ scala
         └ com.mypackage
               └ MyController.scala

I use 'org.gradle.playframework' version '0.2' plugin. I’ve added following configuration for play plugin to file:

platform play: 2.6.21, scala: 2.12, java: JavaVersion.VERSION_1_9
sourceSets {
  main {
     scala {
       source.setSrcDirs files("src/main/scala")
      source.setSrcDirs files("src/main/resources") 

in routes file I specify 1 route:

GET attribute/:attributeId com.mypackage.MyController.getObject(attributeId Long)

When I run compileScala task - I get an exception:

object MyController is not a member of package com.mypackage

Could you tell me please, is there a way to configure Gradle play plugin to work with maven project layout?

Hey @yana2301,

Not sure exactly which plugin you are using, but the way you configure additional source folders is describe here in Gradle docs:

And also the example a little below the same page: