Play framework not doing automatic refresh after code change?

I have been having a terrible time setting up play framework on my iMac system.

Finally I figured out how to setup a working [somewhat] project but it is not working as advertised.
I thought the system would refresh the localhost:9000 display when I save a file.
The only way I can review a change is to terminate the existing process by closing the terminal window and then bring up a new terminal window with a new “sbt run” or “sbt ~run” command.

Note that doing a manual refresh of the browser localhost:9000 tab does after saving a change does nothing as well.

Also I was unable to setup Eclipse properly so I am just using a text editor to change the “index.template.scala” file. Is there some way I should have associated the text editor with the ‘play framework’ to get the effect I want?

Please advise,
Jim Crowell