Play hosting tomcat

My friend have prepared project on play 2.6 and was trying to host on tomcat but it seems like its not possible as i was checking on forums and and play2_war plugin didnt support play 2.6 yet please suggest whats should i suggest him as he is already having budget concerns so finding good hosting server is out of question. I have suggested him to downgrade his application to 2.4 that maybe the only solution, please advice

Thank you

What is the motivation to use Tomcat? Play handles setting up the HTTP server for you. There are numerous problems with adapting to the servlet model, including reduced performance. If you just need an easy way to deploy your app you might consider Heroku:

The client he is working for want to re use his existing server which is based on java tomcat if it didnt work for him then he might need to look for something else

But why is there a need to reuse the existing server? Is there some existing functionality he wants to use?

I think that client is cheap as that client is based on India and don’t want to spend money, I was thinking to get unmanaged linux vps and configure to make it work for now, which I am still figuring out the best way without re-writhing everything on another framework.

thanks for you help, after spending few days researching I told him that he need to use spring framework, so now he is going to use spring framework that will fulfill his needs.

thank you.