Play + Test using withServer getting connection error

(Lee) #1

Hi everyone,

I am new to play framework. I followed the example on ScalaFunctionalTestingWithSpecs2 to create the following functional test for my application:

class HomeControllerTest extends PlaySpec with FutureAwaits with DefaultAwaitTimeout {

  "lookupByUrl" should {
    "return result" in new WithServer {
      WsTestClient.withClient { ws =>
        val headers = Seq("Accept" -> "application/json")
        val inputUrl = ""
        val baseUrl = s""
        val response = await(ws.url(baseUrl).withHttpHeaders(headers: _*).withQueryStringParameters("url" -> inputUrl).get(), 10, TimeUnit

        response.status == 200

But, I am getting the following error:

Connection refused: / Connection refused: /

I have been stuck on this for a while. Any help is appreciated!

Thank you!

(Rich Dougherty) #2

Hmm, I wonder if the local server’s not listening on that port? Can you put a long Thread.sleep() inside your test code then (a) run netstat to check what port it’s listening on and (b) try curl or telnet to test the connection.

(Lee) #3

Hi Rich,

Thank you for your reply and suggestions. Before I start the suggested troubleshooting, I would like to clarify that I didn’t have a separate application running on a server. According to the ScalaFunctionalTestingWithSpecs2, a server will be started automatically and running on default port 19001. If a separate instance is started, then the test will be able to connect without any problems.

I would like to run functional test without manually starting a separate application instance on a server. I don’t how other experienced play developers write functional tests. Any suggestions or help is appreciated!

(Greg Methvin) #4

I noticed you’re using PlaySpec which is from scalatest+play. I think you meant to use play.api.test.PlaySpecification from play-specs2, since WithServer is a specs2 scope. See

(Lee) #5

Hi Greg,

That is it! I was using the wrong test framework. Thank you so much for spotting the problem!


(Rich Dougherty) #6

Good observation skills @greg. :slight_smile: