Play WS, Processing large responses example

I have a question regarding the example code in Play WS documentation, Processing large responses

def downloadFile = Action.async {

  // Make the request
  ws.url(url).withMethod("GET").stream().map { response =>
      // Check that the response was successful
      if (response.status == 200) {

        // Get the content type
        val contentType = response.headers.get("Content-Type").flatMap(_.headOption)

        // If there's a content length, send that, otherwise return the body chunked
        response.headers.get("Content-Length") match {
          case Some(Seq(length)) =>
            Ok.sendEntity(HttpEntity.Streamed(response.bodyAsSource, Some(length.toLong), Some(contentType)))
          case _ =>
      } else {
        //shouldn't the response.bodyAsSource be consumed here?

In the else branch, shouldn’t we consume the streamed response with something like otherwise the socket stays open? I don’t have any problem in practice, this is just a theoretical question…