Playframework 1.4.1: Play dependencies don't download


(Dmitry) #1

I can’t to download dependencies from play module centre.
I’ve got the following error message for all libraries:
~ Oops,
~ Cannot fetch the modules list from
I try do this from cmd like the following; however I get an error message:
play install pdf-0.9

Thanks for your answer.

(MGimonet) #2


Same issue here for modules :

  • pdf
  • less
  • betterlogs

(Florianroulet) #3

Same here for the following modules :

  • paginate
  • excel
  • spring
  • i18ntools

got 404 on every files under (.yml or .zip files)
kind of annoying !

(Igmar Palsenberg) #4

It’s a know issue, and that is being worked on.

(Djordje) #5

Same issue here. Any proposed work-arounds for the time being?

(Marcos Pereira) #6

Hey guys,

There is no workaround right now, but I’m working with Play1 guys to see how to fix the problem. To make it clear, this is affecting only Play1 projects.

(Marcos Pereira) #7

Hi all,

This is now solved. All the play1 modules were restored and are accessible again. The cause of the problem was a malfunction of our AWS instance last Monday (April 19), and we had to recreate and reconfigure some stuff. While doing that, we forgot about play1 modules.

I’m now improving the documentation regarding configuration and deploy to add play1 specifics.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for warning us about the problem.

(Christoph Witzany) #8

Seems like it’s happening again.


It seems to be working again.

(Christoph Witzany) #10

I get a 404 on for example. Which modules work for you?


I’ve just tried play install pdf-0.7 and play install pdf(which refers to pdf 0.9) and both work. I’m however using Play! 1.5.2 and I’ve just noticed 1.4.1 in the title of this topic. Would upgrading Play! be possible for you?