PlayJava - JPA spec still on 2.1

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I am using Play for Java. As of 2.7.x, I have noticed that Play is still using JPA 2.1 when 2.2 is out for a while now. I have not been able to find any mention in the roadmap regarding this.

I have also noted that the JPA 2.2 module on maven is a beta version. Is this the reason why Play has not upgraded to JPA 2.2? Also, how could a specification be on beta? Shouldn’t the APIs be standardised before releasing the standard?

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Why you say it is still in beta? That’s not what I see.

Are you referring to

That’s not the spec, but Hibernate implementation of it.

About why is Play not using it yet, well I think the reason is that Play is using the Hibernate one and as you noticed, it’s not ready yet.