Pool with Resizer - gracefulStop timeout

Hi everyone !

Perfoming a gracefulStop on a RoundRobinPool with a DefaultResizer seems to always end with timeout.
Perfoming a gracefulStop on a RoundRobinPool without a DefaultResizer is ok.

Pool pool1 = new RoundRobinPool(24);
Pool pool2 = new RoundRobinPool(24).withResizer(new DefaultResizer(16, 32));

actor1 = ...
actor2 = ...

// finishes
PatternsCS.gracefulStop(actor1, timeout, new Broadcast(PoisonPill.getInstance()));
// times out
PatternsCS.gracefulStop(actor2, timeout, new Broadcast(PoisonPill.getInstance()));

Is this intended/expected ?

I understand why it is intended for Groups as explained here https://github.com/akka/akka/issues/17340

For my needs i’ll just drop the resizer, but still i’m curious.

Read the docs more thoroughly, this expected behavior:

Each routee will continue to process its messages as normal, eventually processing the PoisonPill . This will cause the routee to stop. After all routees have stopped the router will itself be stopped automatically unless it is a dynamic router, e.g. using a resizer.

as stated in https://doc.akka.io/docs/akka/2.5/routing.html PoisonPill Messages section.