Poor performance with Aeron IPC/UDP

Hi there! I’m trying akka cluster between actors running on one node (IPC).

Transport: Aeron UDP (and IPC - with my pach for akka)
MediaDriver: runs as sepparate process
Serialization: Kryo (serialized message size = 39 bytes).
OS: Windows 10 Pro

I’m run two actors on different JVM on one node and get very poor results on my dev machine (i7 8th gen 2700, 32gb ram).
I get best results for throughput with 100-1000 threads perform ask in cyle:
max throughput = 25_000 msg/sec
latency is very big: 20 milliseconds
CPU load not going more than 80%.

With BusySpinIdle strategy results even worse.

Running same actors in one JVM with serialize-messages = on give 100% CPU load and about 200_000 msg/sec. So i decide Aeron is a bottlenek.

I’m already tryed all Aeron tunes - but it’s so far from advertised 1 million msg/sec…

I’d recommend that you try it with our MaxThroughputSpec, at least for inspiration or starting point.