Possibly a Bug?

When I fetch the state after one event, there are some missing information. But when I fetch the state after another event, I’m getting all the expected data. Even the unit tests are passing for that particular scenario. I’ve reported the issue here: GetTrade API after CreateTradeAPI not showing Status · Issue #1 · aakashsharan/akka-serverless-social-trading · GitHub

Am I missing something?



I’m assuming this is when using grpcurl — which by default for JSON responses, won’t show fields that are set to their default values. In your example, the CREATED value is the default value for the Status enum. If you add the -emit-defaults option, then grpcurl will display all the fields.

So the example call to GetTrade from the readme should also show status when it’s something like:

grpcurl \
  -d '{"tradeId": "1212"}' \
  -emit-defaults \
  -plaintext localhost:9000 \

That was the issue, thank you Peter!