Problem accessing

Hello! I’m anxious to get started on my Lagom microservice project, but it looks like the Lagom website has been down for a couple of days. Does anyone know what’s happening there?

Thanks for any help!

Hi @spostvand,

the website works just fine for me.
We had a couple of failures on a link checker from another project. That project has some HTML site and we check the links in the HTML point to valid pages. The check for failed a couple of times in the past week but it generally passes.
It looks to me like there’s some transient failure in either the GitHub pages (where we serve the site from) or Cloudflare CDN. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough information to pinpont the issue. Some colleagues and I tried to access the site and it seems to work when browsing from Europe(?).

Can you share some more details?

Sure. Thanks for your help!

I’m in the US (Salt Lake City, Utah). I’ve been getting the GitHub error page about wicked unicorns since the day before yesterday. Happy to share any other info that might be helpful.