Problem with SLL & HTTPS

Hi all,
I’m having problems with certificate SLL. I have a certificate that I use in other application in internet and I want to use this certificate in my play application. The documentation ( contains the configuration but it doesn’t work for me.

play.server.https.keyStore.path = “path/file.jks”
play.server.https.keyStore.type = “JKS”
play.server.https.keyStore.password = “password”

When I try to access, the browser shows this message:
The client and the server are not compatible with the same version of SSL protocol or encryption.

Do you know what may be happening? Thanks

This is not the direct answer to your question, and it is based on my experience/knowledge. However this is how I dealt with Play and SSL, using different architecture:

Internet => Server => Nginx => Play App.

On a server, I use Ubuntu/NGINX/Lets Encrypt SSL Free; and then I put the Play app behind this.

It is because if you put the password in configuration then your pass will be in the project’s repository. Also you want Nginx to handle the incoming traffic.