PSPS Application Seed Updated

Hello all,

PSPS, the opinionated Play application seed that’s based on Play/Scala, Boostrap, and Postgres-with-Slick, has been updated yet again.

PSPS now supports user roles, improved RTL, Bootstrap 5, and a host of new UI components. Also, the play version has been bumped to 2.8.8 and quite a few cleanups were made.

At we use PSPS as the base project for most (pretty much all, really) of our Play applications.

Hope you’ll find it useful!

– Michael

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Thanks for sharing!

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Hey this is really great, I wish I knew about it sooner. Thanks for sharing it, looks like it sets up a lot. I see it lists user accounts & login, I had trouble when I explored Play for that. Going to be checking this out over the weekend.

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