PSPS seed project updated

Hello all,

PSPS,’s seed Play project has been updated. PSPS a ready-made, basic Play website with users, modular site structure, public side, back office, signups, password resets… the works :-).

At, we use PSPS as a base for all our Play projects, and periodically update it and backport cool things from our downstream projects back to it.

Main update points:

  • Play 2.8.x, Scala 2.13.x
  • Bootstrap 5 (beta for now, but very usable)
  • SASS instead of LESS (it really does have more options)
  • Many cleanups, improved UIs and layouts, etc.

Main documentation is here: PSPS :: PSPS - Play Framework Application Seed

PSPS is open sources on GitHub: GitHub - codeworth-gh/PSPS: Play+Slick+Postgres Stack seed project - all are invited to fork, send pull-request, open bugs, etc. Hopefully some here will find it useful!