Question about how the new license affects ports like Akka.NET

I guess the new commercial license does not cover (obviously) other projects/ports like Akka.NET. But, does it mean that any recent code under the BSL is out of reach (until it reverts to Apache License after a few years)?


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The group that maintains Akka.NET did a post about the license change a while ago: Lightbend's Akka License Change and Akka.NET | Petabridge

IANAL, but, yes, in short, any port would either have to restrict themselves to pre-BSL code, code that has reverted to Apache (probably not realistic), or clean room implementations.

To paraphrase the Akka.NET blog post, they don’t feel that the license change is material to them because they see themselves as an independent project and not a port. i.e. they don’t plan to port post-BSL features or track the Akka libraries, and they have their own roadmap and features independent of Akka.


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Thanks for replying, David.

I’m aware of Petabridge’s plans for Akka.NET. I was trying to understand how allowing this project to access code under the BSL could impact Lightbend’s business (seems very unlikely that any company invested in DOTNET would move to the JVM).

Even though Petabridge does all the heavy-lifting in the project, there is still a good community around it, and the only reason ports post-BSL won’t happen is just because of the new license.

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There are some features lives in Akka.Net but not sync to Akka