Readside Cassandra not processing Readside Events to Tables

I am working on an exploratory project with Scala Lagom for Event Sourcing using Cassandra Readside. Currently the events are being stored as messages with the tags being created. However on the readside the events are not being written to the cassandra table. I can see the domain table and offset table being created. I can see the readside processor to create the BoundStatement being called, but then nothing. I am doing something wrong but for the last few days have not been able to figure it out.

I am following the ShoppingCart example along with the code snippets for the BloggingService within the Lagom Cassandra Read-side Support documentation. But obviously I have done something stupid.

Env = Lagom 1.6.4 with Akka Persistence Typed (Scala), Maven project

The code can be found at

I would appreciate any suggestions and/or solutions as I am currently out of ideas.

Was able to get it working by following the Readside patterns implemented within example project