ReadSideProcessor insert failure

We are using Cassandra with Lagom, and the problem I am facing is how and where to handle the error if the read side handler (in the buildHandler method) fails to insert a record in the read side table?

Without an error handler or a proper log statement, it’s impossible to figure out which of the values in causing the insert to fail.

Any example / tips of how to do this cleanly is much appreciated. Thanks.

This should be logged. Are you not seeing anything? Can you share the code for your read-side processor?

It’s almost similar to the sample code -

override def buildHandler(): ReadSideProcessor.ReadSideHandler[RepositoryEvent] = {
      .setPrepare(_ => prepareStatements())
      .setEventHandler[RepositoryCreatedEvent](e => insertRepository(e.event.repository))
      .setEventHandler[RepositoryUpdatedEvent](e => insertRepository(e.event.repository))

when event processor is not updating view and i do not see any errors, first thing that i check is if processor is registered on the read side:
readSide.register[BlogEvent](new BlogEventProcessor(myDatabase))