Rebalance not happening when using Akka cluster Sharding with proxyMode

Used Akka 2.5.32

I have created a 3 node Akka Cluster with cluster sharding.
And configured ddata to remember entities.
With ddata when a node is down the active entities on that node were created on another node in the cluster.

But when i configured 4th node with shard region as proxy and when i send messages through it,It distributing the messages across all active nodes to the shards.
But after a node is down the active actors on down node are not recreated on other nodes as previous.
Exception thrown in Cluster Coordinator Nodes

Now some exception throwing in cluster nodes as

The ShardCoordinator was unable to update a distributed state within 'updating-state-timeout': 5000 millis (retrying). Perhaps the ShardRegion has not started on all active nodes yet? event=ShardHomeDeallocated(4)

Exception in ProxyNode as

 Test: Retry request for shard [1] homes from coordinator at [Actor[akka.tcp......