Recipes evolving into Samples

Lagom and Play are evolving.

In this transition, we, the team of maintainers, have decided to make a few changes around the code structure, repository reorganization and maintained samples. One such change is the archiving of Lagom Recipes.

Lagom Recipes was born as a place to demonstrate, in a best-effort fashion, how to properly achieve something that was not directly documented in and yet was possible to do. The purpose was to provide small samples that responded a simple “How do I do xyz in Lagom?”. This proved a great idea and we’ve referred to the recipes on several occasions. Even you, the community, picked up and contributed great recipes.

We decided to pick just a few recipes into the new repository and archive Fewer samples means less maintenance. Any recipe that was not moved to will not be editable anymore. We invite all recipe contributors to take their recipes under their GitHub user/organization and keep working on them. We’ll be happy to cross-link to external repositories demonstrating how to build great features in Lagom, we just decided to not be a blocker to get these great contents published. We will keep the index of external recipes on the repo and archive lagom-recipes.

Thanks all for your hard work, contributing, commenting and pushing forward this collection of samples.

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@ignasi35 @octonato Online Action and Chirper deprecated and will not move to samples repository?

Hi @ihostage,

in the process of merging and reorganizing samples we took the decision to archive few of them that we no longer found useful. We’ve archived all old repos and in some cases we have not ported the sample to lagom-samples. The two you mention (online-auction and chirper) were left behind. We also didn’t merge smoketests which we used to tests deployment and cluster formation.

The path forward will focus on keeping a simple sample with a real world (small) domain. We’ve chosen shopping-cart and we’ll use it for akka, play and lagom sample projects. We will also try to avoid complex, hard to maintain, hard to read samples while we also stay away from foo-bar's and hello-worlds.


Thanks a lot, @ignasi35!
Hello World templates for Sbt/Maven continue to maintain?

Seed g8 projects and maven archetypes are a completely different discussion. They remain untouched for the time being, yes.

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