Recreating actors and selecting non-existant actors

Hi I have two use cases I would like some advice on.

1.) If I stop an actor - and create an actor with the same name, what is the behavior of ActorSelection?

In the documentation it says

ActorSelection on the other hand points to the path (or multiple paths if wildcards are used) and is completely oblivious to which incarnation is currently occupying it. ActorSelection cannot be watched for this reason. It is possible to resolve the current incarnation’s ActorRef living under the path by sending an Identify message to the ActorSelection which will be replied to with an ActorIdentity containing the correct reference (see ActorSelection). This can also be done with the resolveOne method of the ActorSelection , which returns a Future of the matching ActorRef .

So does this mean if you do ActorSelection on the newly created actor (with the old name) it may point to the original UID, and any further tell will result in dead letters?

  1. While using system.actorSelection() is there a way to throw error if the actor at the path does not exist?