Reduce aeron-udp buffer memory usage

(Norman Bai) #1

By default the aeron-udp buffer file size is 48 mb (seems like 16mb *3) , and when I got about 200+ nodes , the aeron-dir increase its size to about 40GB.
Usually we put the areon-dir at /dev/shm, and I don’t have enough memory to hold them.

I’ve searched the aeron configuration and it told me to set the aeron.term.buffer.length value. I tried -Daeron.term.buffer.length=1m but it doesn’t work.

Could someone tell me how to limit the buffer file size? Thx a lot!

(Patrik Nordwall) #2

It should be possible to set Aeron properties with -D flags (System properties) when using the embedded media driver. aeron.term.buffer.length should be the right property for this. What is it that doesn’t work? Any error message or that it’s not using the property?