Release a custom lagom version

I have a question about building/releasing my own lagom version with some small changes. The reason for this is that I really need the sequenceNr on the EventStreamElement and the simplest less invasive solutions seems to be to build my own lagom version.

Unfortunately I am not familiar how lagom uses the sbt-release plugin and how lagom gets released in general.
Can somebody pls help me with the steps for releasing lagom to a different bintray/sonatype repo? So I can use it in my project by just importing a different sbt-plugin eg: "com.mycompany.lagom" %% "lagom-sbt-plugin" % myVersion
I already made my changes in, branch seq-nr, but I wasnt able to correctly release it so far. For example I dont understand where all the artificats get published to. For me it seems like the lagom-sbt-plugin (and 1 or 2 other artificats) get published to bintray but the rest seems to be published somewhere else (maybe sonatype?).

PS: I will ofc also try to contribute my changes back to the mainline.

I would really appreciate some help.

To create your own variant of Lagom you need to fork the Lagom repo and change the publishing configuration. If you have your own Maven/Ivy repo or Artifactory you can publish it there. Otherwise you can go through the community PR process and get it rolled into a future official Lagom release.

Hi @leozilla,

to add to what @PkPwc already said, you ar right that the Lagom build produces and distributes two types of artifacts:

  1. regular jar files are published to Sonatyoe (maven central)
  2. sbt plugins artifacts are published to Bintray

We have a publishing script for anyone running a release and the publish artifacts section may help you understand better what’s produced. See, in particular. that last section on how to test the published artifacts since it may guide you to test your own artifacts once you publish on your repository.