Release plans of AKKA gRPC for production

Wanted to make some technical decisions like to go with AKKA gRPC or not based on AKKA gRPC production (Right now in preview mode) release dates.

Anyone have an idea of the release roadmap?

We don’t have any set dates to mark Akka gRPC as final, the current work being done is more complete out of the box integration with Play and Lagom and we don’t foresee any big API changes to the existing parts moving forward.

I’d recommend trying it out and seeing if there are any shortcomings affecting how you would use it (missing APIs, performance, bugs), if there isn’t it may be production ready enough for you even though not marked as final.

Thank you Johan the reply.

I am doing POC combining AKKA Streams and AKKA gRPC. I am finding tough to detect when the client died or crashed at the server so that I can clean up client resources at Server.

I would love to have gRPC streaming client can be connected with Akka Streams PartitionHub as Sink with backpressure enabled. Right now I am doing with some work arounds to get it working, it works without proper back pressure.

For the backpressure part you may want to read my explanation in this forum thread: Backpressure support with Akka grpc

Thank you Johan, will take a look at it.

How about the first question? How to find when client died or crashed?

You can read more about that in the docs here: