Released: Akka Management & Cluster Bootstrap 0.12.0

Hi everyone,
We’re happy to announce the 0.12.0 release of Akka Management, which includes tools for bootstrapping and integrating Akka cluster in cloud environments.

This release includes:

  • actually release -async version of AWS discovery APIs (was omitted in 0.11.0 accidentally)
  • aws-api discovery drops all ec2 filters but otherFilters bug
  • Fix broken AWS API Discovery doc links
  • Little inconsistency when using effective-name and custom pod-label-selector help wanted

Full docs:


Detailed in formation in the 0.12.0 milestone
We would like to thank everyone everyone who contributed to this release, thank you!

commits  added  removed
      2      4        2 David Piggott
      1     19       21 Patrik Nordwall
      1      4        5 Fabien Renaud
      1      4        3 Marco B
      1      1        1 Oliver Wickham

– Akka team

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