Released: Akka Management & Cluster Bootstrap 0.14.0

Dear hakkers,
we’re happy to announce another minor release of Akka Management / Discovery / Cluster Bootstrap. The projects are still relatively fresh but as you can see we are working on hardening them for the real-world – thanks to all people who report issues and help making the mechanisms ready for the weirdness of real-life deployments – thank you!

Notable changes in this release:

  • aggressive usage of AWS EC2 API leads to rate limiting enhancement (implemented exponential backoff for bootstrap discovery invocations)
  • Document that GKE requires current user to have cluster-admin role to create new roles
  • Disable AmazonEC2Client’s retries (and rely on above exponential backoff mechanism that is shared for all kinds of discovery)

For a detailed list of issues closed and their pull requests please refer to:

Thanks to all contributors!

commits  added  removed
      1    158       48 Konrad `ktoso` Malawski
      1     20        3 Steffen Gebert
      1      2        0 Jason Longshore

– Akka Team