Remote configuration for Play


We are pleased to introduce our module for Play 2.6+ (Java / Scala) that allows you to load and apply configuration items. Indeed, it could be complicated to manage the configuration file and the potential modifications when Play is deployed on several servers, in a Docker container or in the cloud.

Our module allows you to load configuration items and also files (useful for authentication certificates for example in a Docker container) and apply them when you start the Play application.

The project is modular and we propose today the possibility to retrieve configuration from Consul, etcd, Redis, DynamoDB or a simple http server.

If you want test, use or just contribute to the project, please visit the project homepage at

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Pretty interesting project, @0xbaadf00d. Thanks for sharing. You may want to add it to our module directory page:


Hi @marcospereira ,

yes nice idea,what is the process to add the module to the directory page ?

@0xbaadf00d you can send a pull request on

Maybe I missed it but it seems this requires replacing the application loader, so it looks like at the moment this only supports Play apps constructed with Guice.

If you wanted to reach a wider audience you could create a separate API for loading the configuration from the different providers, so it could work for anyone using Typesafe Config.

Hi @greg,

It a good idea, we will working on this way to provide a more generic usage.