Returning streamed values as well as domain collections in the same View


Can we have two rpc calls in a view, querying the same table but one with the streamed version and another one with a domain collection?

For example, I have a type Job, and I would like to do that:

  rpc GetJobsStream(google.protobuf.Empty) returns(stream api.Job) {
    option (akkaserverless.method).view.query = {
      query: "SELECT * FROM jobs"
    option (google.api.http).get = "/jobs_stream";

  rpc GetJobs(google.protobuf.Empty) returns(api.AllJobs) {
    option (akkaserverless.method).view.query = {
      query: "SELECT * AS jobs FROM jobs"
    option (google.api.http).get = "/jobs";

…in the same view. Or do I need two different views?

Thanks for your ideas and support !