Reverse routing

Is there a reverse routing similar to Play?

From one service call implementation I’d like to generate a link (sent via E-Mail) to another service call.

There’s no equivalent to Play’s reverse routing in Lagom. Lagom’s meant to be invoked using Lagom’s client infrastructure.


I want to implement a service for registration. First the user just submits his e-mail address. Then I’d like the service to send him an e-mail with a registration link to complete his registration. The link would point to another endpoint of the same service. So how do I accomplish that?

Normally that link would be a link to the front end web app right? I would think you would want to use Play (or some other web app framework) for that.

Hi Tim,

actually it both, a “dumb” web app (developed in Play) and a “pure” µS serving the logic.

The web app is for presentation only. The “logic” is realized via REST API calls to a “pure” µS.

So, for example, if the web app calls an API endpoint of the “pure” µS, this µS computes — besides others — a link to be send back to the web app. This link might be a link to a page of the web app, a link to another web app, or a link to another API endpoint.

In all cases, I currently do not know how to accomplish that with Lagom.

Do you have any advices?

BR, /nm

I think the service that generates the links will need to have hardcoded (or preconfigured) knowledge of the URL structure and the public-facing hostname.

Thanks Tim!