runAll fails on Hello World project in Ubuntu

(Zsolt Szilagyi) #1

Hello all,

I’ve created a new project from the Hello World template (see

sbt new lagom/lagom-scala.g8

When I run runAll in SBT, I got the following error (without stack traces):

[error] java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to start embedded Service Locator or Service Gateway. Hint: Are ports 9008 and 9000 already in use?
[error] 	at$ServiceLocator$.$anonfun$start$1(Servers.scala:111)
[error]      ...
[error] Caused by: Unable to create injector, see the following errors:
[error] 1) Error in custom provider, java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException
[error]   at com.lightbend.lagom.javadsl.server.ServiceGuiceSupport.bindServices( (via modules:$OverrideModule -> com.lightbend.lagom.discovery.impl.ServiceRegistryModule)
[error]   while locating com.lightbend.lagom.javadsl.api.ServiceInfo
[error]    ...
[error] Caused by: java.lang.IllegalAccessException: access to public member failed: 
com.lightbend.lagom.internal.javadsl.registry.ServiceRegistry.descriptor[Ljava.lang.Object;@6e6baae7/invokeSpecial, from com.lightbend.lagom.internal.javadsl.registry.ServiceRegistry/2 (unnamed module @6129276e)

Newest Ubuntu, default jre, jdk and scala. Can you help me?

(Zsolt Szilagyi) #2

Current version of Ubuntu comes with OpenJDK 11. I’ve tried switching back to OpenJDK 8, and it does work with that. So from my perspective, I have a workaround, but I guess it would be good to make it compatible with newer versions of Java.