Scala 3.0 support

Hi All!

I’m planning to start a project that will be released next year. So, I decided to start it with scala 3. BTW I didn’t find any ticket for scala 3.0 in the play framework backlog(and milestones) on GitHub.

Is there any confirmed plan for Scala 3.0? If so, where can I find this documentation and planning?



That is a good point indeed. I was wondering the same. When will Play Framework be ported to Scala 3?

Has this effort already been started? Can we offer an extra hand on that?



Wondering the same. Any official information about play on scala3?

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Has anyone already found an answer? I am also interested in scala 3 with play framework.

I can’t speak for Lightbend since I am not working for them.
However it seems Play will support Scala 3 (but not sure when). At least there is work being done for play-json and twirl already:

Since Scala 3 supports Scala 2.x (sans macros and other unsupported features) can we not cross compile Scala 2.x Play projects until Scala 3 support lands?

Or is this not possible due to above restrictions? If so, how do you prototype a Scala 3 + Play API?

In the past Play has lagged far behind latest Scala major version (upwards of 6 months), really hope that’s not the case this time around…