Scala Compilation and Execution

I have been using Scala from last two years and very recently I have started using python too. Python executes very faster than Scala and my work mostly depends on Scala. To be frank it’s very disgusting when the Scala project is taking too much time to compile and execute.
Is there any way to make your Scala Compilation and Execution faster ?
Scala Version : 2.11 with Intellij IDE . The project has multiple libraries like Kafka client and Spark, Lift JSON library.

There’s much investment into this, as it’s a very felt problem in the community, even coming from java.
Apart from improvements in the 2.12 series (a big effort went into that), there are alternatives to compiling with sbt, or intellij: bloop, mill, fury (the latter is experimental yet) just to quote a few.

Also triplequote is a company focusing on tools producing a much faster compilation experience, as is
twitter’s rsc: reasonable scala compiler.

Last but not least, the next gen scala compiler (dotc) is already showing very positive results over the standard scalac compiler, and it’s not yet optimized.

Of course nothing will beat the startup of an interpreted language (as Python), as the comparison is moot. No compilation will always be faster than any compilation phase at all…


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